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Let’s Meet Henry

Henry on fridge

UPDATE: Watch me on Animal Planet – Cats 101 – The first airing took place on Saturday, Nov 14 2009
Check Animal Planet’s TV schedule for other air times! Henry is on Season 2, Episode 2, the same episode as Siberian Cats.  You can order that episode through Amazon.com

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Henry’s Work is Compared to Artist Jackson Pollock

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Help YOUR Cat Express Their Creativity Through Scratching! (article)


My name is Henry, and I am a Feline Fiber Artist. (In other words, I am a cat that LOVES to be creative!)

And being that I’m a cat, I have the most ideal built – in set of tools for creating interesting textures that anyone could possibly want — my claws.

Ever since I was a kitten, I always loved to scratch. It was just part of my nature.

My human got me a nice scratching post so I wouldn’t decorate the furniture with interesting textures. But before long, I outgrew it, and went right back to working on the chair again.

Now I’ve never seen anything wrong with taking a boring old chair and decorating it with designs of my own making, but humans seem to have a different view on things.

So my human went to the discount store and got few left -over strips of carpet and nailed them to the wall.

Almost immediately, I tried scratching it. This was GREAT! It didn’t turn over like my old scratching post, and no one yelled at me for scratching it.

Scratching the carpet on the wall was fun! Everyone praised me for doing such a good job of not creating any more textures on the chair. And before long, I started to see some interesting results of my work. Big loops of fiber were starting show up. And the more I scratched, the longer the loops became.

Henry's Fiber Art

All at once, my person realized that I wasn’t just scratching, I was creating art.


And they thought it looked pretty good. When I was finished with the first piece, they hung it on the wall and nailed up another piece of carpet for me to work on. At last, my work was beginning to be recognize for the creative work it really was.

When my human’s friends saw my work hanging on the wall, at first, they were very surprised that it was created by a cat. But after they thought about it, they realized that this is EXACTLY the kind of art a cat would create, given the opportunity and the right set of materials.

Below, you can read an account of my work that appeared in the Bangor Daily News in Bangor, Maine last year. Their reporter was surprised to learn that the local library had the work of a CAT on display. It got quite a bit of attention, and helped to build an awareness of the truly creative nature of cats!

Henry in the Bangor Daily News
Henry in the Bangor Daily News

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  1. Hi Anita! Valley Girl here! I saw your update about Henry’s adventures in the comment you left recently on my blog. I’d love to do a follow-up. I emailed you at the addy I have, but not sure if that is still good. Hope you’ll get in contact! I am so proud of Henry. When I found that wonderful youtube way back when, it had irrc 7 hits- and now over 7000!

    xo “VG”

    Comment by Valley Girl | May 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. More comments on Henry and his work…
    Can Henry create a winter coat for me, his work is so lovely?! How wonderful & blessed he is to have a parent that understands that claws are writing instruments for cats, full of communication, emotion & creativity, and not something that can be casually sliced off a vets office, BRAVO Henry and his mom! – Janey Jones
    This is absolutely brilliant. Where can I buy some cat created carpet art?????? – Gemma

    Comment by anitalmccormick | November 12, 2009 | Reply

  3. Henry it’s an honour to meet you. Your work is beautiful and you are an excellent advocate for fully clawed cats everywhere!

    Claws out big fella!

    Comment by Everycat | November 14, 2009 | Reply

  4. we loved the video. and his work!!!

    Comment by us4 cats | November 14, 2009 | Reply

  5. We don’t have cable so we won’t be able to watch your show on Animal Planet, but we’re sure it will give you lots of exposure and make you lots of new friends.

    Comment by jansfunnyfarm | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. Henry,

    Hello from fellow Mainers! That’s some pretty fabulous art you’ve got there! Good way to exercise, too. The most interesting thing we do is compete to see who can nap in one place all day!

    Comment by Alice & Leo from Maine Coon Cat Nation | March 2, 2010 | Reply

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